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Our Inheritance - Episode 103 - Psalm 37: 9 & 11

April 18, 2022

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Hey there, my friends! Welcome to today’s episode of The Burt (Not Ernie) Show, where we focus on getting the promises of God into the people of God, one episode at a time.


I’m your host, Jan L. Burt, and I gotta tell ya -  I’m so glad you’re here today.


Let’s dig into God’s Word.

You’re listening to The Burt (Not Ernie) Show, part of the Spark Network, now playing on the Edifi app. This is episode 103.

So, here we are in Psalm 37. We’re looking at two verses today, 9 & 11, from the Amplified. I’d love to read them and then take a look at what they hold for us.


Because the Word of God always is holding out something to the reader, to the believer. It holds out hope, life, peace, encouragement, wisdom, clarity, insight for the actual living of our lives. You got a problem? Don’t turn to Vanilla Ice to “Yo, solve it.”  Turn the pages of your Bible and see what God is holding out to you through His Word.

Psalm 37, verses 9 & 11, from the Amplified.


For those who do evil will be cut off, but those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land.

But the humble will (at last) inherit the land and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity and peace.

Isn’t it good news to know that God has said, just flat stated as a fact, that those who do evil will be cut off?

And will really does mean will. What God intends to do, that’s what gets done. 


Jesus dealt with the penalty of sin and death at the cross. It is paid in full for all who know Jesus as their own Savior, the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Evil will be dealt with. Think for a moment about those words, evil will be cut off. This is clear as day, and it’s right here in the Bible for us to be encouraged. Like, take courage from this! Evil will be cut off. Cut off. Severed. A permanent and irreparable separation. God is loving and patient and desires all mankind to come to Him and yield to Him and become part of His kingdom - but not everyone is going to do that. And God is not unjust, oh no, He is just. Justice is His, and it’s not some separate part of His character that pops up now and then. It’s who He is, He can’t not be just.  He is the God of justice. He is the Righteous Judge. And so we can count on the fact that those who do evil will be cut off, He will deal with evil. And His dealing will be perfect because He is perfect, it will be completely just because He is just. He can’t be otherwise.


But for those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land.

As a child of God, and that is what you are according to 1 John 3:1 and John 1:12 and Romans 8:16, among other places in the Bible, as God’s child you have an inheritance. But like an underage child, you don’t get all of that inheritance just yet. There are things stored up for you in eternity, and right now you may be like, “Aww, man… I wish I could have those things now!” but once you get there, with the Lord, and see the inheritance He has stored up for you, you won’t be sorry that you had to wait. And a lot of it, you get right now. There is no end to the things that really matter in life being yours right now, and in ten seconds still yours, ten minutes, yours again, ten years, oh yeah! Still yours! 

The peace of God which passes all understanding will guard both your heart and your mind - that’s a big inheritance, my friend. Listen up here, here’s the thing - we often think the touchy feely material things are the parts of our inheritance that we want the most, those are the important things. But are they? Or, when we get to heaven and we walk on streets paved with gold, will we see that the very thing, the materialism of our culture, the very thing we strove after and so wanted God to give us more and more of will literally be under our feet? Is there a huge takeaway in that? If it will be under our feet for eternity, which is a long time ya know, should it go right there under our feet in this life, too? Put it in its rightful place and don’t elevate when God wants it under our feet, in a place of submission so to speak, like money and things and stuff can’t rule over us when we are in His kingdom. We can rule over it. It yells and screams and demands that we pay attention to it, work harder for it, give money money money money, MONEY more of what it wants. But we can make the decision to not give in to its demands and let it be under our feet, we won’t bow down to it and we won’t reach our hands up high grabbing for it - we will not chase after it any more than we chase after the concrete in our driveway or the asphalt in our cul-de-sac. 


And yet, in spite of it being under our feet for all eternity, God still blesses us with the things in life that make life sweet. Isn’t He good? He is so good? Hold it all with open hands and never let worry consume you - tell God exactly what you need and believe, like actually totally trust Him, to take care of you. That’s also part of your inheritance and it can never be taken from you.


Do you know what people, now I’m talking about people who do not know Jesus here, what people would give to have permanent peace in their life? Security? Deep times of refreshing rest? Abiding joy? A salve for the difficulties of life in this harsh world? A lot, they would give so so much. And that’s all part of your inheritance that you get access to right now. 


The humble will inherit the land (so this portion of Psalm 37 seems to be telling us that we can expect good things in this life - and it also tells us God wants us to be humble). Anybody else here need to work on their humility factor? I just wish I could like get some IG stories type things of Moses, because he was the most humble man to ever live (that’s scripture, so that’s just the truth). I think of Moses when I think of godly and God-honoring humility. 

When we are humble, there is an “at last” inheritance that will come into our lives. At last. That indicates that it will be so great, such a blessing, when it comes to pass. Get humble, stay humble, and trust God for that at last moment. It will come, because He has promised that it will. 


And the last part of verse 11 says that the humble will, in addition to the at last moment of inheriting the land (whatever that may look like, the Lord knows what your piece of the pie, piece of the land needs to be) - the humble ones will also delight themselves in abundant prosperity and peace.


When I see that word abundant in the Bible, it stands out to me. Our God is such a God of abundance. I mean, over the top. Grace? Oh it’s abundant. Forgiveness? As far as the east is from the west - that’s pretty abundant forgiveness. I could go on and on, but you get what I mean. He gives abundantly. So here He promises that the humble will delight themselves in abundant prosperity (okay, so humble folks aren’t like gaudy, flaunting their wealth, they actually can be both prosperous and not come off as haughty, so that’s another awesome benefit of our humility - we remain approachable and we can love others well - it’s pretty hard to do those things when you aren’t humble. Combine prosperity with lack of humility and ouch, kinda just yuck, ya know? God’s children should not be ouch and yuck people.) And an abundance of peace.


This whole world wants wants wants peace. Folks fighting for world peace. For peace in their homes. With the in-laws. On that committee. At the car dealership, trying to buy a car and it is not a peaceful event - but man, it can be! I’ve done it, it sure can be! We have an inheritance of an abundance of peace. Something the world so needs. It is because of who our God is, it’s Jesus.


Can you live in the actual peace of God in order that people who don’t know Him may come to know Him just because of your abundant peace? 

Can you live in a place of true humility, no matter what your station in life may be, in order that people will be drawn to the Lord? Oh real humility is like a magnet, it does a lot of drawing. Might not draw everybody in your life, but that’s okay, magnets only attract metal, not plastic or shrubbery or paper. Just metal. That's how magnetism works. And you aren’t for everybody, but you’re not for nobody.


So live in peace, because that’s your inheritance. It’s yours! Grab it! Take it! Be blessed by it! Stay humble, wait for the Lord, expect His daily provision, and know that at the right time the God of justice will deal with all evil. And look forward to the inheritance that is awaiting you in eternity. It’s gonna be so, so good. 


Thanks so much for joining me today for The Burt (Not Ernie) Show, part of the Spark Network, now playing in the Edifi app - which you can download via the app store on your device. 

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See you next time to look at verses 17 thru 19 of Psalm 37, and also got something special for ya next week so be sure to check in and see what that is.



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