The Burt (Not Ernie) Show

Episode 29 - John 14:27

June 18, 2020

Thanks for joining me for this episode - it's another opportunity to remember the faithfulness of our God & to bring to the very forefront of our minds one specific promise He has given us from His Word.


John 14:27 (AMP) - "I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart and the peace I give you isn't like the peace the world gives. So don't be troubled or confused."


Can you take a moment and think of Jesus speaking these words of comfort directly to you, face to face, right now, today?


The Lord knows what we need and He knows just when we need it. Hopefully someone listening today (or reading the Show Notes) finds this verse to be just what they need right now. If that's you, please know it is a sign of how much the Lord cares for you. You did not end up here by accident - God set aside this day and time to share this exact verse in order to bring you His comfort, peace of heart and of mind, and to let you know that He sees you and He hears your prayers and He loves you fiercely.


In this verse we see Jesus telling His disciples that He is going to give them a gift. A gift? That's great! What is it? What could possibly be better than a gift from Jesus?!?

They had seen Jesus do the miraculous: raise the dead to life, take a handful of food and feed thousands, walk on top of the water...they had literally seen the impossible become reality right before their eyes time and time again. And none of those had been referred to as gifts from Jesus for them. I am certain they were paying attention in order to hear what Jesus' gift for them would be.


We, like the disciples, want to be sure to grab hold of and make the most of any and every gift the Lord has for us. If Jesus has left us something, then it was left with us to be of benefit to us while we await the time when we can be with Him forever. The gift was left to bless us, to help us, to be an actual gift for us.


And boy oh boy, peace that comes from the Lord is a gift worth treasuring.

We need it. We do not want to leave this gift unopened and unused. We want to utilize it in our every day walking around life.


Peace of heart & peace of mind.

How good Jesus is to us to make sure we know this peace is for both our heart and our mind...because sometimes our mind works through a situation one way, while our heart veers off in a totally different direction. And our loving Savior makes sure we have this gift of peace to cover BOTH aspects of our lives. Thank You, Lord!


To make sure that we really get it, that we fully catch His drift and understand the value of this gift of peace, Jesus says this peace is not like the peace that the world gives.


The world's peace is temporary and fleeting and frustratingly hard to grab hold of and keep hold of.

Jesus' peace envelops us, overcoming us from the inside our and from the outside in all at the same time. It's DIFFERENT. And that is really, really good!


None of us needs one ounce more of the same ole', same ole'. We need that which is different, that which is so much better.


Jesus' peace envelops us and comes upon us directly from Him as a precious gift, while the world's peace is always slipping away from us, just out of reach, no matter how hard we work to grab hold and fight to hang on.


The raw truth is that this world & all our current circumstances are just too much without Jesus.

And there are people around us who are trying to do life without Him. Can I encourage you to pray for those people? Jesus wants to give Him His peace. Please pray for that to become a reality in their lives!


The last few words of this verse say, "So don't be troubled or afraid."

Anybody got some troubles? Anyone feeling a bit afraid? It seems as if we are standing on the ledge of a Grand Canyon sized hold of uncertainty. So much new, overwhelming, uncharted territory looms large right in front of us.

Yes, we need to hear Jesus speak over our lives, over our unsettled and uneasy hearts and minds, "Do not be troubled or afraid."

God's promise in John 14:27 to give you the lasting gift of His peace is still as true today as it was when Jesus first spoke these powerful words. The disciples went through a very dark night of the soul when Jesus died at Calvary. They needed this promise like oxygen! It's okay if you need it like oxygen, too.

Believe this promise today.

Just sit back, take a deep breath, and believe that this peace of heart and mind is yours for the taking right now. He is going to make a way for us to live untroubled and unafraid. That offers a whole lot of hope right now. Believe it and trust Him to make this your reality.


I'll be back here with you next week for a look at another verse from the New Testament in Luke chapter 21.

Feel free to DM me on instagram or leave a comment on this episode. And don't be slow to use your gift of peace - be at peace- give grace and peace to others - walk in the certainty that Jesus keeps all His promises and this one is your promise for this season of life.


Thanks for joining me in my quest to make the name of Jesus famous in this generation.

Lord bless you!

 - Jan

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